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Early stage game-changing tech companies

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About Me

I want to make peoples lives better through investing. I believe that challenging the wisdom of crowds leads to the biggest value creation, and this leads to a better future. I focus on early stage game-changing technology companies backed by visionary, and able, founders.

Investment Philosophy

Technology: A breakthrough, 10x product with massive demand. Durable competitive advantage.

Team: A team and founder(s) with big vision, long-term alignment, capability and obsession to make it happen.

Sales and Marketing Distribution: Clear distribution to the market.

Finding something people don't understand. A great thing nobody is doing.


Clean TeQ: World leading supplier of materials for Electric Vehicles, commercialising Scandium and Water purification technology.

CXi Software: Software that streamlines and automates a fund managers back-office opertations.

Botanix Pharma: Developing next generation treatment for skin diseases, using cannabidiol.