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Private Lending Property Finance Examples

Higher Development Profit with a Private Lender: 2 Projects Case Study Same project with 20 townhouses, same build cost of $4,000,000, and same lending amount of $5,000,000. Major Bank charges 5.50% so total interest and fees is $223,000 and the development profit is $1,400,000. The Private Lender charges 8.00% and total interest and fees is...

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IO Private Interview Botanix Pharmaceuticals

Investor community IO Private interviewed the Founder of Botanix Pharmaceuticals, Matt Callahan.  Botanix Pharmaceuticals (Botanix) is an advanced clinical stage biotech company, leading the world in synthetic cannabinoid research. Botanix has an advanced clinical pipeline including a planned Phase 3 Acne program, a recent positive Phase 2a Antimicrobial program, and a Phase 1b Rosacea program...

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Botanix kills superbug in a world-first study

Matt Callahan is the founder of Botanix Pharmaceuticals (ASX:BOT; OTC:BXPHF). He is the largest shareholder owning 7% of the company and early executive Bill Bosch owns 1.64%. This is important because Founder-led companies outperform the rest (via a S&P 500 study). Matt founded and sold iCeutica for US$60m in 2011. The team currently has world-class...

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An AI clinical trial platform monopoly opportunity

Opyl is AI and social media intelligence for healthcare marketing, developing a clinical trial prediction and a recruitment platform, with both currently at Proof of Concept (POC). Improving clinical trial recruitment (from months to days), supporting retention of patients in drug trials and optimising the design of trials using big data, powered by artificial intelligence...

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Botanix kills superbug Staph for Surgical Site Infections

Antibiotic resistance could cost the world $100 trillion by 2050, and approximately kills 700,000 per year. Some in the scientific community say it could be as bad as cancer. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has emerged as one of the principal public health problems of the 21st century. The World Health Organisation published a list of bacteria...

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CXi Software: a funds system of record

Fund managers all need a unit registry. A record of their transactions, to do reporting and income distributions to investors. There is no dominant system for this, hence it’s done with a combination of software, manual spreadsheets and black-box solutions. At CXi Software (CXi) we want to streamline and automate this work. Bain Capital Ventures...

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IO Private Investor Community

IO Private was spun out of a private investor network called Investors Org. In 2015, Investors Org did a trade mission to Silicon Valley with 6 members and met the stars of the USA start up scene, including Travis from Uber, Google, Lyft, AirBNB, etc. IO Private showcases quality startup opportunities from our Associate Partners to investors....

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Clean TeQ Overview

Clean TeQ (ASX:CLQ/TSX:CLQ) is a world leader in metals recovery and water treatment technology. They have proprietary technology developed over 20 years. Peter Voight founded the company in 1990. They are developing a world class supply of materials for lithium-ion batteries and light-weighting aluminium. Mining legend billionaire Robert Friedland They started applying the technology in...

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The first innovation in the Acne market in more than 20 years

Matthew Callahan is a serially successful entrepreneur. In particular, he has a proven track record in the life science industry and is responsible for more than 4 Food Delivery Association (FDA) product approvals. Matt Co-founded Botanix Pharmaceuticals (ASX:BOT), his latest biotechnology business in the dermatology industry. Botanix uses a proprietary technology called Permetrex™ to enhance...

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